Sonoma Fieldstone

Our most popular rock is Sonoma Fieldstone: a round, brownish red rock, native to Northern California and features moss and lichen.  We carry any size from 5" (seen here) to boulders weighing in at over 20 tons (40,000 pounds)

Landscape Boulders

Large landscape boulders stone that can help enhance your landscape for a natural and permanent statement of beauty. Sonoma Fieldstone, Sierra Granite, Idaho Quartz Strata Boulders, Onyx, Arizona Granite, and Gilroy fieldstone are among our most popular.

Sierra Granite Boulders

Another choice rock for placement can also be split and polished as seen here. 

Gilroy Fieldstone Boulders

A multi colored boulder ranging in green, blue, and brown are also available much smaller where they can be used as wall rock

Onyx Boulders

Will make a statement in any yard and would take center stage in any water feature they boulders also come in smaller sizes and can be polished.

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Idaho Quartz Strata Boulders

A bronze silver quartz stone can be used as placement stone, can also be hand selected for a water feature that we make for you.  You can also find Idaho Quartz as flagstone,patio stone, and ledgestone.

Arizona Granite

A purple boulder with a touch of natural sparkle.